7th Tradition

Donations to SoCal UA Intergroup

can be made via Paypal at



Note: When making a donation,

please select the "Friends and Family" option.

 Otherwise, Paypal will take fees from your contribution.



To ensure our fellowship’s continued health, SCUA recommends meetings donate the overflow of their Seventh Tradition as follows:

45% to the General Service Board (GSB)

Donations to the GSB can be made here:

https://www.underearnersanonymous.org/ contributions/

45% to Southern California Intergroup

(see link above)

10% to each meeting’s GSR fund
to cover Zoom registration fees

for the next GSB meeting

(and/or travel costs when offline

gatherings are again possible.)

If your Meeting Treasurer has made

an online donation to SoCal Intergroup,

your GSR should bring that information

to the monthly Intergroup Meeting,

so the Intergroup Treasurer

can verify receipt of those funds. 


Pre/Post-Covid Guidance: Please bring meeting donations and your ideas for the growth and development of SCUA to the monthly Intergroup Meeting.

The primary purpose of Southern California Underearners Anonymous Intergroup is to carry the message to the Underearner who is still suffering and to communicate at the meeting level. Our intentions are to guide the groups in financial affairs according to the traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous, to hold workshops/special events, to create and maintain a meeting directory, and to help SCUA continue to prosper.

The Intergroup meets every second Saturday of the month 12:15-1:30PM at The Original Los Angeles Farmers Market, Community Room, 2nd Floor, 6333 W 3rd St., Los Angeles, CA 90036. 1.5 hours free parking with validation.

Every UA group in the Southern California area can be a member of SCUA and is encouraged to send one voting representative to Intergroup meetings. Any UA member may attend as a member-at-large.