Meeting Updates!

November 6 2019

The Palm Springs meeting has reconvened to Wednesdays at 5pm and will no longer meet on Thursdays. Please view the Home Page for details.

October 2019

There is a new meeting on Thursdays at 7:30pm in Hollywood. 

There is also a new meeting on Saturdays at 10:30am in San Diego. 

July 2019

There is a new UA meeting on Fridays at 7pm in Huntington Beach. 

Seed Money for New Meetings


The Wednesday night Sherman Oaks meeting has been collecting seed money for new meetings. Please contact the person below if you represent or are starting a new meeting and desire support in the form of start-up funds.

Kristen V.




To ensure our fellowship’s continued health, SCUA recommends meetings donate the overflow of their Seventh Tradition as follows:

45% General Service Board (GSB)

45% Southern California Intergroup

10% Meeting’s GSB Representative


Members may support SCUA by being of service as a designated Meeting Representative or an At-large Member. Please bring meeting donations and your ideas for the growth and development of SCUA to the monthly Intergroup Meeting.