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The UA Promises

  1. We learn that personal understanding of the past avails us nothing

  2. We learn to release our past and to focus on today and the future, and on our vision

  3. We begin to accept ourselves with compassion

  4. We believe that we deserve greater fulfillment and a more prosperous life.

  5. An expanded vision of our life begins to emerge

  6. We begin to know ourselves better and think about using our true talents

  7. We allow ourselves to want more out of life

  8. We become willing to take the necessary action to receive it

  9. We are also able to give more to ourselves and our communities, contributing to something greater than ourselves

  10. A shift in our consciousness occurs

  11. We experience more gratitude greater peace of mind and acceptance of ourselves

  12. We have awakened from a deep sleep and a new life, more fully realized and expressed

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